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Hairpin structure of DNA molecules has been widely employed in a variety of biosensors and in nanoscale molecular assembly applications. For example, the well known molecular beacons can report the presence of specific nucleic acids in homogeneous solutions with high accuracy. Recently, Smith et al. proposed the induction of hairpin formation through(More)
Based on Bayesian network theorem, the paper proposed the novel trust model of P2P network named Trust-BT. The novel new Trust-BT model is based on the P2P network nodes' history of all types of transactions, prior experience, the use of Bayesian statistical analysis methods calculate the global trust value of every network node, select the node with high(More)
Hetao Oasis is located in a typical piedmont alluvial plain bounded by the Langshan Mountain Range in the north, desert in the west, and the Yellow River in the south. Agricultural activities within the oasis significantly impact the hydrological cycle and water quality in downstream locations. The research uses the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) for(More)
Intensive agricultural activities in the Hetao irrigation district have severely degraded local aquatic ecosystems and water quality, and Ulansuhai Lake is now the most rapidly degrading eutrophic lake in China. A better understanding of the hydro-agronomic and pollutant transport processes in the area is thus urgently needed. This study simulated monthly(More)
In this paper we show a small but fast popularity-based front-end cache can provide provable DDOS prevention for randomly partitioned cluster services with replication. To achieve this, we first give the best strategy for an adversary to overload the system, and then prove that the cache size is lower bounded by O(n log log n/ log d), where n is the number(More)
Overlying water and sediment samples were collected from 11 locations in Ulansuhai Lake in June of 2012 to determine the concentration of dissolved inorganic phosphorus (DIP) in the interstitial water, overlying water and sediment and to estimate the diffusion flux of DIP at the sediment-water interface. The DIP levels in overlying water were 0.004-0.185(More)
Mercury contamination from industrial and agricultural drainage into lakes and rivers is a growing concern in Northern China. Lake Ulansuhai, located in Hetao irrigation district in Inner Mongolia, is the only sink for the all industrial and agricultural drainage and sole outlet for this district to the Yellow River, which is one of the main source of(More)