Xiaohong Ren

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PURPOSE To explore the effect of music therapy on anxiety alleviation for antepartal women on bedrest in China. DESIGN AND METHODS One hundred and twenty patients recruited from one tertiary hospital in Changsha city, China were enrolled in a randomized controlled trial. Women in the experimental group received music therapy for 30 minutes on 3(More)
A BP neural network was improved to solve the problem of thermal error compensation for the in-feed axes thermal deformation of CNC machine tools. First, the rough sets theory was used to analysis the correlation between all measuring data and thermal error, and sorted out key characteristic data for the thermal error compensation of machine tool. And then,(More)
The distribution of coke residues inside porous catalyst pellets was investigated on the molecular as well as the macroscopic scale. The presence of coke on the pore surface affects the relaxation properties of adsorbed liquid species; these were determined by field-cycling relaxometry for different polar and nonpolar liquids in metal-doped and metal-free(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the correlation between acne and Northwest dryness syndrome in the Xinjiang region to provide an epidemiological foundation for the prevention and treatment of acne in the region. METHODS The correlations among acne, clinical syndromes of Northwest dryness syndrome, and Northwest dryness syndrome were evaluated using the syndrome(More)
The complex problem of a fixed-bed reactor consisting of catalytically active particles provides an exceptional opportunity of combining a wide range of NMR methods which have become available over time as tools to probe porous media. This work demonstrates the feasibility of different NMR techniques for the investigation of the intra- and interparticle(More)
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