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Sterile protection against malaria infection can be achieved through vaccination of mice and humans with whole Plasmodium spp. parasites. One such method, known as infection-treatment-vaccination (ITV), involves immunization with wild type sporozoites (spz) under drug coverage. In this work, we used the different effects of antimalarial drugs chloroquine(More)
—A power-efficient frequency compensation topology, Impedance Adapting Compensation (IAC), is presented in this paper. This IAC topology has, on one hand, a normal Miller capacitor, which is still needed to provide an internal negative feedback loop, and on the other hand, a serial RC impedance as a load to the intermediate stage, improving performance(More)
In this paper, we have made a comprehensive study about the key technologies including applying wireless sensor networks to the traffic monitoring network, its traffic flow forecast based on gray forecasting model and traffic congestion control. According to the features that wireless sensor networks have no space constraints, flexible distribution, mobile(More)
In this work, we present an unequal packet loss protection scheme for robust H.264/AVC video transmission over lossy networks. This scheme combines erasure coding, H.264/AVC error resilience techniques and importance measures in video coding. The unequal importance of the video packets is identified in the group of pictures (GOP) and the H.264/AVC data(More)
In this paper we evaluate the performances of recently proposed sender-side TCP enhancements designed to alleviate TCP’s deficiencies over wired-to-wireless paths. Our goal is to compare the performances of the legacy TCP RENO, CUBIC, HYBLA, VENO, and WESTWOOD+, which are available to researchers via pluggable congestion control algorithms in the(More)
Keyword: Dynamic XOR/XNOR Gate Leakage Power Variation a b s t r a c t A hybrid network technique is proposed in dynamic CMOS XOR/XNOR gate to reduce the power consumption , save the layout area and avoid signal skew. Compared to the standard N type dynamic gate with similar delay time, the leakage power, dynamic power and layout area of the novel XOR/XNOR(More)
MicroRNA deregulation and pathway alterations have been implicated in nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC), a highly invasive and metastatic cancer widely prevalent in Southern China. In this study, we report that miR-9 is commonly downregulated in NPC specimens and NPC cell lines with important functional consequences. The reduced expression of miR-9 was(More)
—In this paper, we are concerned with robust H.264/AVC video transmission over lossy packet networks and present a hierarchical unequal packet loss protection (HULP) scheme in a transmission system that efficiently combines erasure coding, H.264/AVC error resilience techniques and importance measures in video coding schemes. The importance of the video(More)
The leakage current, active power and delay characterizations of the dynamic dual V t CMOS circuits in the presence of process, voltage, and temperature (P–V–T) fluctuations are analyzed based on multiple-parameter Monte Carlo method. It is demonstrated that failing to account for P–V–T fluctuations can result in significant reliability problems and(More)
A charge self-compensation technique, based on P-type logic dynamic node charging to N-type logic dynamic node, is proposed in this paper. A novel Zipper CMOS domino full-adder is implemented using this technique , dual threshold voltage technique, and multiple supply technique for power reduction. A power distribution simulation running indicates that the(More)