Xiaohong Liu

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Customer satisfaction index (CSI) is an important concept for evaluating the quality of service in e-commerce. It permits to evaluate the validity of an e-commerce operation from the point of view of consumers. In this paper, we present a model of CSI in e-commerce using fuzzy techniques and provide a method for calculating CSI, expressed in a five levels(More)
—The time-arrival location of seismic P-wave is an important problem in the seismic research field. The modulus maxima of wavelet transform is a useful method for picking up the singularities of function. For applying the modulus maxima method to investigate the arrival time, it is necessary to eliminate the influence of random factors. Based on standard(More)
Conjugated microporous polymers are a new class of porous materials with an extended π-conjugation in an amorphous organic framework. Owing to the wide-ranging flexibility in the choice and design of components and the available control of pore parameters, these polymers can be tailored for use in various applications, such as gas storage, electronics and(More)
—To predict the time series, a model combining the wavelet transform and support vector machine is set up. First, wavelet transform is applied to decompose the series into sub series with different time scales. Then, the SVM is applied to the sub series to simulate and predict future behavior. And then by the inverse wavelet transform, the series are(More)
Molecular squares, triangles, rectangles, and related structures , consisting of transition-metal corners and difunctional ligand edges, are the synthetic focus of a substantial segment of contemporary coordination chemistry. [1±4] The attraction of these structures, which typically feature molecule-sized cavities , is their ability to function as soluble(More)