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Measurement error and reliability are two important psychometric properties for large-scale assessments. Generalizability theory has often been used to identify sources of error and to estimate score reliability. The complicated nature of sparse matrix data collection designs in some assessments, however, can cause challenges in conducting generalizability(More)
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With the arrival of the state of the art medical imaging equipment, a plethora of images are acquired not only in higher dimensions (3D+) but also with various presenting forms of either still or motion, complicating data management systems even further. This paper offers, from an application point of view, representations of content features from both(More)
Analyzing and processing big data of quality inspection is the key factor in ensuring product quality and People's property security. Big data of quality inspection collected by social network and E-commerce is missing in most cases. And the incompleteness of data brings huge challenge for analyzing and processing. Therefore, the algorithm of data filling(More)
With taking many measures of combating land desertification in the past decades, the distinct effects have been achieved in Yulin Prefecture of Shaanxi Province in northwestern China. The objective of this study was to monitor and analyze the dynamic changes of desertification in the regions in the 14 years from 1986 to 2000 using remote sensing and(More)
In this paper, land use maps in the two dates, 1986 and 2000, were acquired by visual interpretation from digital Landsat TM images with the help of MGE and ARC/INFO 7.1. Based on spatial analysis and statistical analysis in GIS, the spatialtemporal changes of land use from 1986 to 2000 in the region were obtained and analyzed. Firstly, the transition(More)
The paper takes the web information of product quality safety as research object. Aiming at its transmission characteristic at social network, information transmission model based on government intervention is presented. Meanwhile, the influence of information transmission with government intervention is analyzed. Lastly we adopted BA network to build human(More)
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