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Nanowires from deposition of pyromellitic diimide (PMDI) from the gas phase and their unique excitation-wavelength-dependent photoluminescence were demonstrated. The luminescence peaks of the PMDI nanowires red-shifted as the excitation wavelength increased. The relationship between the luminescence peak and the excitation wavelength is nearly linear in a(More)
Prior research suggests that religiosity, especially public religious participation, is related to greater volunteerism. However, less is known about religious transmission across the life course, in particular whether and how religiosity in childhood is linked to later life volunteerism. This study investigates a sample of emerging adults in South Texas (n(More)
Using data on adults ages 55 and over from the second wave of the National Survey of Families and Households (NSFH-2), this study models the main and interactive effects of religious involvement and race/ethnicity on four items of attitudes towards intergenerational assistance. Results indicate that African Americans and Hispanics tend to express stronger(More)
Since the inception of the economic reform, marital relationship in urban China has undergone dramatic transformations. Though the burgeoning body of scholarly research has demonstrated that marital quality has increasingly become an important aspect of family life among married persons in urban China, both the conceptualization and measurement of marital(More)
This study examined the relationships between ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) adoption in universities and four organizational variables: university size, type, finances, and information processing maturity. Another purpose of the study was to identify the current status of ATM adoption in campus networking. Subjects were university domain LAN (local area(More)
Do jobs follow people or people follow jobs? Do people move because of economic reasons, or are there other reasons involved? It is the purpose of the thesis to address these two research questions. The study is limited to the state of Mississippi and its counties. It examined the relationship between net migration and economic growth in the 1970s and the(More)
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