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Sampling and budgeting training examples are two essential factors in tracking algorithms based on support vector machines (SVMs) as a tradeoff between accuracy and efficiency. Recently, the circulant matrix formed by dense sampling of translated image patches has been utilized in correlation filters for fast tracking. In this paper, we derive an equivalent(More)
The generalization error bound of support vector machine (SVM) depends on the ratio of radius and margin, while standard SVM only considers the maximization of the margin but ignores the minimization of the radius. Several approaches have been proposed to integrate radius and margin for joint learning of feature transformation and SVM classifier. However,(More)
Recently, deep features extracted from Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) have been widely adopted in various applications, such as face recognition. Compared with the handcrafted descriptors, deep features have more powerful representation ability which can lead to better performance. Effective feature representations play an important role in ear(More)
We prepared an amphiphilic redox-responsive conjugate based on mPEGylated solanesol, solanesyl poly(ethylene glycol) dithiodipropionate (SPDP), along with its inert counterpart solanesyl poly(ethylene glycol) succinate (SPGS), which self-assembled in aqueous solution to form redox-responsive micelles. Used as efficient drug carriers for doxorubicin (DOX),(More)
In this paper, the trajectory tracking control problem of uncertain nonholonomic mechanical systems is investigated. By separately considering kinematic and dynamic models of a nonholonomic mechanical system, a new adaptive tracking control is proposed based on neural network approximation. The proposed design consists of two steps. First, the nonholonomic(More)
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is widely used in preventive or curative treatment of cardiovascular diseases. However, CoQ10 exhibits an extremely low solubility in aqueous medium as well as a poor oral bioavailability. Therefore, solanesyl poly(ethylene glycol) succinate (SPGS) and CoQ10 were formulated as CoQ10-SPGS micelles with a high content of CoQ10 to improve(More)