Xiaohao Yang

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The PDFgetXgui software program is described. It is for obtaining and visualizing atomic pair distribution functions (PDF) from X-ray powder diffraction data. It provides a convenient GUI for the PDFgetX3 program allowing the user to easily obtain PDFs from raw 1D powder diffraction patterns. It is specially useful for working with large numbers of datasets(More)
This paper describes a methodology for semi-supervised learning of dialogue acts using the similarity between sentences. We suppose that the dialogue sentences with the same dialogue act are more similar in terms of semantic and syntactic information. However, previous work on sentence similarity mainly modeled a sentence as bag-of-words and then compared(More)
The key task in spoken language understanding research is the semantic tagging of sequences. Deep belief networks have recently shown great performance in word-labeling tasks while conditional random field has been a successful approach to model probabilities of sequences in a global fashion. In contrast to CRFs, DBNs are optimized based on a tag-by-tag(More)
One of the key components in spoken dialog systems is semantic slot-filling, a sequence tagging task. There are several state-of-the-art supervised approaches to model the slot-filling problem such as conditional random fields (CRF), support vector machine (SVM) and stochastic finite state transducers (SFST). A general way to improve their performance is to(More)
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