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The Hales numbered n-dimensional hypercube exhibits interesting recursive structures in n. These structures lead to a very simple proof of the well-known bandwidth formula for hypercubes proposed by Harper, whose proof was thought to be surprisingly difficult. Harper also proposed an optimal numbering for a related problem called the antibandwidth of(More)
The rapid development of signal processing on graphs provides a new perspective for processing large-scale data associated with irregular domains. In many practical applications, it is necessary to handle massive data sets through complex networks, in which most nodes have limited computing power. Designing efficient distributed algorithms is critical for(More)
Signal processing on graph is attracting more and more attention. For a graph signal in the low-frequency space, the missing data associated with unsampled vertices can be reconstructed through the sampled data by exploiting the smoothness of graph signal. In this paper, two local-set-based iterative methods are proposed to reconstruct ban-dlimited graph(More)
Methylmalonic acidemia (MMA) is an autosomal-recessive inborn metabolic disorder that results from a deficiency in methylmalonyl-coenzyme A mutase or its cofactor, adenosylcobalamin. Currently, neurological manifestations in MMA are thought to be associated with neural apoptosis. BCL2L11, which is a proapoptotic Bcl-2 family member, is resident in the outer(More)
Recently, many researchers started to challenge a long-standing practice of digital photography: oversampling followed by compression and pursuing more intelligent sparse sampling techniques. In this paper, we propose a practical approach of uniform down sampling in image space and yet making the sampling adaptive by spatially varying, directional low-pass(More)
The circadian clock has a central role in physiological adaption and anticipation of day/night changes. In a genetic screen for novel regulators of circadian rhythms, we found that mice lacking MAGED1 (Melanoma Antigen Family D1) exhibit a shortened period and altered rest-activity bouts. These circadian phenotypes are proposed to be caused by a direct(More)
A recursive algorithm named Zero-point Attracting Projection (ZAP) is proposed recently for sparse signal reconstruction. Compared with the reference algorithms, ZAP demonstrates rather good performance in recovery precision and robustness. However, any theoretical analysis about the mentioned algorithm, even a proof on its convergence, is not available. In(More)
Calcium signaling regulates synaptic plasticity and many other functions in striatal medium spiny neurons to modulate basal ganglia function. Ca(2+)/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II (CaMKII) is a major calcium-dependent signaling protein that couples calcium entry to diverse cellular changes. CaMKII activation results in autophosphorylation at Thr286(More)
The growth of high-quality single crystals of graphene by chemical vapor deposition on copper (Cu) has not always achieved control over domain size and morphology, and the results vary from lab to lab under presumably similar growth conditions. We discovered that oxygen (O) on the Cu surface substantially decreased the graphene nucleation density by(More)