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After evaluating performances of the directional median (DM) filter and the adaptive switching median (ASWM) filter, we propose an adaptive median filter for restoring images by using local texture information in images. It contains two steps: 1) identifying noise pixels; 2) estimating the values of the noise pixels. Firstly, a double-layer window is(More)
—Expansion of query keywords based on semantic relations is an effective approach to improve the performance of information retrieval. Traditional methods of query expansion did not adequately make use of semantic relations between query keywords. In this paper, a novel approach for query expansion is presented. The main idea of the approach is to construct(More)
NetFlow is a popular technology in network management nowadays. It supports administrators to get various performance metrics. But metric values estimated from NetFlow records may inaccurate in some circumstance. This paper aims at studying the errors of utilized bandwidth measured by NetFlow. At first, packet streams with a specific format were collected(More)
Internet flows characteristics are important reference for network behaviors research. However, there are few latest related studies and comparative analysis on different networks is especially rare. Based on traffic traces from CAIDA and CERNET, this paper presents a detailed and comprehensive comparison on Internet flows characteristics, including the(More)
The effects of night temperature on plant morphology and nitrogen accumulation were examined in rice (Oryza sativa L.) during vegetative growth. The results showed that the shoot biomass of the plants was greater at 27°C (high nighttime temperature, HNT) than at 22°C (CK). However, the increase in both shoot and root biomasses was not significant under 10(More)
To break the yield ceiling of rice production, a super rice project was developed in 1996 to breed rice varieties with super high yield. A two-year experiment was conducted to evaluate yield and nitrogen (N)-use response of super rice to different planting methods in the single cropping season. A total of 17 rice varieties, including 13 super rice and four(More)
In wireless location area, Taylor Series algorithm is essential to find the solution to minimize the objective function-the sum of squared TDOA measurement remains. This paper proposes a new objective function definition: the sum of squared distance from iterative point to each TDOA hyperbola. Then steepest descent method is used to find the optimized(More)