Xiaoguang Zhen

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Reduced functional bladder capacity and concomitant increased micturition frequency (pollakisuria) are common lower urinary tract symptoms associated with conditions such as cystitis, prostatic hyperplasia, neurological disease, and overactive bladder syndrome. These symptoms can profoundly affect the quality of life of afflicted individuals, but available(More)
This study is to explore whether YGW has an impact on sperm fertilising ability in mice. Twenty male mice were randomly divided into two groups. In vivo experiments, one group of animals were orally administrated with YGW decoction and another group administered with saline for 14 days. Afterwards, the animals were mated with their female partners.(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of proteinuria on in-hospital severe adverse events and prognosis of the patients with heart failure(HF). METHODS Clinical data of 520 patients with severe HF( NYHA 3-4 grades) in our department were analyzed retrospectively. Proteinuria was diagnosed on admission using the spot dipstick urinalysis. Clinical(More)
This retrospective study aims to compare differences in the medical costs between inpatients infected/colonised with carbapenem-resistant (CRAB) and carbapenem-susceptible (CSAB) Acinetobacter baumannii in a hospital in Zhejiang province, China. Because the patient population was large, we randomly selected 60% of all inpatients with clinical specimens(More)
The shedan chuangbei oral liquid in low sucrose content by adding stevioside not only reduces the cost of preparation but has better stability in quality and clarity. Qualitative analysis, TLC and determination of alkaloids all show correspondence in composition between the original drug and the new preparation.
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