Xiaoguang Zhang

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We have used the power of massively parallel computers to perform first principles spin dynamics (SD) simulations of the magnetic structure of Iron-Manganese/Cobalt (FeMn/Co) interfaces. These large scale quantum mechanical simulations, involving 2016-atom super-cell models, reveal details of the orientational configuration of the magnetic moments at the(More)
In this study, the spatial distributions of the emission intensity of OH (A<sup>2</sup>&#x03A3; &#x2192; X<sup>2</sup>&#x03A0;, 0-0) and N<sub>2</sub><sup>+</sup> (B<sup>2</sup>&#x03A3;<sub>u</sub><sup>+</sup> &#x2192; X<sup>2</sup>&#x03A3;<sub>g</sub><sup>+</sup>, 0-0, 391.4 nm) are investigated in the atmospheric pressure pulsed streamer discharge of(More)
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