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This paper evaluates the first 15 months of the Ozone Mapping and Profiler Suite (OMPS) Sensor Data Record (SDR) acquired by the nadir sensors and processed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Interface Data Processing Segment. The evaluation consists of an inter-comparison with a similar satellite instrument, an analysis using a(More)
This paper presents a manageable overlay network architecture <i>SVCP2P</i> for live scalable media streaming. Every peer in <i>SVCP2P</i> periodically exchanges data availability information with one of distributed central servers which act as the centralized index for storing peer list, program list and buffer information of peers. An efficient scheduling(More)
This letter studies the mainlobe misorientation problem of the First-Order Steerable Differential Array (FOSDA) in the presence of microphone gain and phase errors, whose response is constructed by a linear combination of monopole and two orthogonal dipoles using a four-element square array. It is shown that the mainlobe orientation of the FOSDA will be(More)
The self-adjusted limit cycle gait, integrating continuous swings with intermittent heelstrike collision, can make a completely uncontrolled and unactuated passive walker walk stably down a gentle slope, only powered by the gravity. However, this natural and high energy-efficient gait is also highly susceptible to its specific variable parameters and any(More)
AIM Emodin showed anti-cancer activity against multiple human malignant tumors by inducing apoptosis. However, the apoptotic inducing effect against human osteosarcoma and related mechanism are still not studied. This study was aimed to investigate them. METHODS Emodin was used to incubate human OS cell U2OS cells at serially diluted concentrations.(More)
To solve the problems of conventional signal analysis methods about non-stationary and frequency characteristics of surface electromyogrphy (sEMG) is of great significance to rehabilitation robot control with EMG-based human-computer interfaces (HCI). In this paper, the latent process models of sEMG signals were developed based on the combination of(More)