Xiaoguang Jiang

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—This letter presents a method to calculate the width ω over the half-period of the cosine term in a diurnal temperature cycle (DTC) model. ω deduced from the thermal diffusion equation (TDE) is compared with ω obtained from solar geometry. The results demonstrate that ω deduced from the TDE describes the shape of the DTC model more adequately around(More)
Atmospheric correction plays an important role in the retrieval of land surface temperatures and emissivities from remotely sensed thermal infrared images. Under the condition of multispectral imaging, atmospheric effects are usually estimated by means of external synchronously observed data which comes from other sensors or platforms. However, when imaging(More)
Soil moisture plays an important role in understanding climate change and hydrology, and L-band passive microwave radiometers have been verified as effective tools for monitoring soil moisture. This paper proposes a novel, simplified algorithm for bare surface soil moisture retrieval using L-band radiometer. The algorithm consists of two sub-algorithms: a(More)
Leech heartbeat interneurons (HN cells) interconnected by inhibitory synapses have been simulated using several modified models based on the Hodgkin-Huxley equations; yet, adequate characteristics of HN cells are hardly possible to be summarized due to the complexity of these models. The Winnerless Competition (WLC) model created as an inhibitory-connected(More)
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