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A new generation of silica encapsulated single quantum dots (QDs) was synthesized based on recent breakthroughs made in coating magnetic nanoparticles and their clusters. In comparison with the traditional Stöber sol-gel method, this new approach is significantly simpler, resulting in QDs with excellent luminescence, stability, size monodispersity, and(More)
Quantum dots (QDs) are unique semi-conductor fluorescent nanoparticles with potential uses in a variety of biomedical applications. However, concerns exist regarding their potential toxicity, specifically their capacity to induce oxidative stress and inflammation. In this study we synthesized CdSe/ZnS core/shell QDs with a tri-n-octylphosphine oxide,(More)
The advantages of photoacoustic (PA) imaging, including low cost, non-ionizing operation, and sub-mm spatial resolution at centimeters depth, make it a promising modality to probe nanoparticle-targeted abnormalities in real time at cellular and molecular levels. However, detecting rare cell types in a heterogeneous background with strong optical scattering(More)
iii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I am most indebted to Dr. Xigen Li, my thesis chair, for his inspiration in completing this thesis, and his excellent guidance and constant support during the course of this research. Dr. Li's insightful advice proved invaluable in this study. I would also like to acknowledge and thank the members of the advisory committee, Dr. my thesis(More)
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