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  • Giulia Fulci, Nina Dmitrieva, +15 authors E Antonio Chiocca
  • 2007
Clinical trials have proven oncolytic virotherapy to be safe but not effective. We have shown that oncolytic viruses (OV) injected into intracranial gliomas established in rodents are rapidly cleared, and this is associated with up-regulation of markers (CD68 and CD163) of cells of monocytic lineage (monocytes/microglia/macrophages). However, it is unclear(More)
Learning partial differential equations (LPDEs) from training data for particular tasks has been successfully applied to many image processing problems. In this paper, we propose a more effective LPDEs model for vector-valued image tasks. The PDEs are also formulated as a linear combination of fundamental differential invariants, but have several(More)
The star sensor has been widely used as an important and accurate attitude measurement sensor in classical satellite attitude determination systems. This paper analyses the influence of star sensor's sampling frequency on attitude determination accuracy within an Extended Kalman filter (EKF). Simulations are used to validate the theoretical analysis and(More)
Dynamic model error and observation model error was the main factor to badly pollute the precision of orbit determination, especially in space based observation. Model error compensation technology was researched by designing semi-parametric orbit determination regression model. Stahel-Donoho Kernel estimator was applied to solve the semi-parametric model,(More)
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