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Particle swarm optimization algorithm is a global optimization technique and a new technology base on swarm brainpower. This ideology comes from manpower anima and evolvement calculation theory. Its algorithm is simple for implement and excellent for application. Particle follow the one which is the best it found in the whole swarm to complete optimize. To(More)
Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), accounting for 17% of overall deaths in the USA, is the leading cause of death over the world. Advances in medical imaging techniques make the quantitative assessment of both the anatomy and function of heart possible. The cardiac modeling is an invariable prerequisite for quantitative analysis. In this study, a novel method is(More)
This paper delivers a block-based parallel convolutional decoding architecture in which several Viterbi decoders work concurrently to decode consecutive code blocks. Each code block contains a preamble and a postamble which are duplicate data from neighbor blocks. Preamble and postamble are beneficial to the continuity and correctness of decoding output.(More)
Bisphenol A (BPA) is a synthetic estrogen-mimic chemical. It has been shown to affect many reproductive endpoints. However, the effect of BPA on the mature sperm and the mechanism of its action are not clear yet. Here, our in vitro studies indicated that BPA could accelerate sperm capacitation-associated protein tyrosine phosphorylation in time- and(More)
To overcome the problems that homemade CCD camera’s resolution and acquisition speed is low. In this paper a design of high speed and resolution CCD camera is given. This system is made up of KSC-100 timing generator, signal processor AD9840A, KODAK KAI0304 640×480CCD. The output of AD9804A is stored in SDRAM storage, and the output data is(More)
BACKGROUND Misalignment in cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) images can adversely affect three-dimensional left ventricle modelling and downstream quantitative analysis. Currently, there are two types of approaches for dealing with realignment and motion distortion problems, one image based and the other geometry based. Image-based approaches are limited by(More)
Full biodegradable magnesium alloy (AZ31) strengthened poly-lactic acid (PLA) composite rods for potential application for bone fracture fixation were prepared by plastic injection process in this work. Their surface/interfacial morphologies, mechanical properties and vitro degradation were studied. In comparison with untreated Mg rod, porous MgO ceramic(More)
This study proposes a novel method to localize the mitral valve orifice in the three-dimensional left cardiac model reconstructed from Cardiac Magnetic Resonance (CMR) images. After acquiring both short axis and long axis CMR images, endocardium contours were delineated on all images while additional six points were marked to identify the mitral valve(More)
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