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In this paper, we present a novel face detection approach using improved local binary patterns (ILBP) as facial representation. ILBP feature is an improvement of LBP feature that considers both local shape and texture information instead of raw grayscale information and it is robust to illumination variation. We model the face and non-face class using(More)
Automatic player detection, labeling and tracking in broadcast soccer video are significant while quite challenging tasks. In this paper, we present a solution to perform automatic multiple player detection, unsupervised labeling and efficient tracking. Players' position and scale are determined by a boosting based detector. Players' appearance models are(More)
This paper examines and extracts the parallelism in the AdaBoost person detection algorithm on multi-core processors. As multi-core processors become pervasive, effectively executing many threads simultaneously is crucial in harnessing the computation power. Although the application exposes many levels of parallelism, none of them delivers a satisfactory(More)
An effective replay detection method for broadcasting sports videos is proposed in this paper. The algorithm is composed of logos detection and replay recognition. Firstly, a logo-template is automatically extracted from logo-transition at the beginning of a video. It is further used to detect the other logos in the same video. Then, with taking logos as(More)
Sports video has been extensively studied for its wide viewer-ship and tremendous commercial potentials. Many studies focused on highlight extraction for summarizing a lengthy video. In this paper, we present an advanced highlight analysis system for sports video browsing, in which highlight evaluation and ranking are concerned besides highlight detection.(More)
The development of mid-level shot description helps to bridge the gap between low-level feature and high-level semantics in video indexing and analysis. In this paper, we present a unified framework for semantic shot representation in field-ball sports genres, in which a video shot is characterized via three essential properties, namely, camera shot size,(More)
Rac1, a member of the Rho family of small GTP-binding proteins, is involved in the regulation of the actin cytoskeleton via activation of lamellipodia and membrane ruffle formation. RhoGDI (Rho-family-specific GDP-dissociation inhibitor) forms a complex with Rho proteins in the cytosol of mammalian cells. It not only regulates guanine nucleotide binding to(More)
Cdc42 is a member of the Rho family of GTPases and plays an important role in the regulation of actin cytoskeletal organization. Activation of Cdc42 and associated signal transduction cascades are dependent upon proper localization of this GTPase. The studies described herein address the hypothesis that Rho GDP-dissociation inhibitor, RhoGDI, plays an(More)
In this paper we study the problem of local motion analysis and apply it to swimming style recognition in broadcast sports video. Local motion analysis is challenging for two reasons: 1) local motion is usually buried in clutters involving complex motion from multiple objects; and 2) the process is more sensitive to noises compared to the recovery of global(More)