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—In this letter, we consider a two-way relay channel (TWRC) with two end nodes and k relay nodes, where end nodes have the full channel-state information (CSI) and relay nodes only have the channel-amplitude information (CAI). With the objective of minimizing transmit power consumption at required end-to-end rates, energy-efficient relay selection (RS) and(More)
We live in a dynamic visual world where the appearance of scenes changes dramatically from hour to hour or season to season. In this work we study "transient scene attributes" -- high level properties which affect scene appearance, such as "snow", "autumn", "dusk", "fog". We define 40 transient attributes and use crowdsourcing to annotate thousands of(More)
– Femtocells have been considered by the wireless industry as a cost-effective solution not only to improve indoor service providing, but also to unload traffic from already overburdened macro networks. Due to spectrum availability and network infrastructure considerations, a macro network may have to share spectrum with overlaid femtocells. In(More)