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Let H be a hexagonal system. The Z-transformation graph Z(H) is the graph where the vertices are the perfect matchings of H and where two perfect matchings are joined by an edge provided their symmetric difference is a hexagon of H (Z. Fu-ji et al., 1988). In this paper we prove that Z(H) has a Hamilton path if H is a catacondensed hexagonal system. A(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with early onset depression (EOD) and late onset depression (LOD) have distinctive risk factors and clinical pictures. Using regional homogeneity (ReHo) approach, we were to test the hypothesis of the different abnormal neural activity between patients with EOD or LOD. METHODS Fifteen patients with EOD, 15 patients with LOD, 15 young(More)
We consider construction of a set of smaller 4 x 4 matrices to represent DNA primary sequences which are based on enumeration of all 64 triplets of nucleic acids bases. The leading eigenvalue from the constructed matrices has been selected as an invariant for construction of a vector to characterize DNA. Additional invariants considered of the derived(More)
Mitochondria dysfunction is implicated in diverse conditions, including metabolic and neurodegenerative disorders. Mitochondrial dynamics has attracted increasing attention as to its relationship with mitochondria autophagy, also known as mitophagy, which is critical for degradation of dysfunctional mitochondria maintaining mitochondrial homeostasis.(More)
Growth of prostate cancer cells is dependent upon androgen stimulation of the androgen receptor (AR). Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the most potent androgen, is usually synthesized in the prostate from testosterone secreted by the testis. Following chemical or surgical castration, prostate cancers usually shrink owing to testosterone deprivation. However,(More)
BACKGROUND Various signs of activation of microglia have been reported in schizophrenia, and it is hypothesized that microglia activation is closely associated with the neuropathology of schizophrenia. METHODS Neonatal intrahippocampal injection of lipopolysaccharide (LPS), an activator of microglia, was performed in rats at postnatal day 7 (P7), and they(More)
Altered brain connectivity has been widely considered as a genetic risk mechanism for schizophrenia. Of the many susceptibility genes identified so far, ZNF804A (rs1344706) is the first common genetic variant associated with schizophrenia on a genome-wide level. Previous fMRI studies have found that carriers of rs1344706 exhibit altered functional(More)
A connected graph G is said to be k-cycle resonant if, for 1 6 t 6 k, any t disjoint cycles in G are mutually resonant, that is, there is a perfect matching M of G such that each of the t cycles is an M-alternating cycle. The concept of k-cycle resonant graphs was introduced by the present authors in 1994. Some necessary and suucient conditions for a graph(More)