Xiaofeng Guo

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The polyketide natural product Leptomycin B inhibits nuclear export mediated by the karyopherin protein chromosomal region maintenance 1 (CRM1). Here, we present 1.8- to 2.0-Å-resolution crystal structures of CRM1 bound to Leptomycin B and related inhibitors Anguinomycin A and Ratjadone A. Structural and complementary chemical analyses reveal an unexpected(More)
RNA helicase A (RHA) belongs to the DEAH family of proteins that are capable of unwinding double-stranded RNA structure. In addition to its involvement in the metabolism of cellular RNA, RHA has been shown to stimulate RNA transcription from the long terminal repeat promoter of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) as well as to enhance Rev/Rev(More)
Microarrays are an important tool for understanding global gene expression changes, and the resulting data sets can be used to direct physiologic and metabolic studies. To take advantage of this technology, 60-mer oligonucleotide microarrays were designed for Methylobacterium extorquens AM1 to study gene expression changes that occur under differing(More)
Protein translation is an energetically demanding process that must be regulated in response to changes in nutrient availability. Herein, we report that intracellular methionine and cysteine availability directly controls the thiolation status of wobble-uridine (U34) nucleotides present on lysine, glutamine, or glutamate tRNAs to regulate cellular(More)
It is shown that a geometrically planar fusene is uniquely determined by its boundary edge code. Surprisingly, the same conclusion is not true in general but holds for geometrically planar and non-planar fusenes with at most 25 hexagons, except for two particular cases. In addition, it is proved that two fusenes with the same boundary edge code have the(More)
Growth of prostate cancer cells is dependent upon androgen stimulation of the androgen receptor (AR). Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the most potent androgen, is usually synthesized in the prostate from testosterone secreted by the testis. Following chemical or surgical castration, prostate cancers usually shrink owing to testosterone deprivation. However,(More)
We consider construction of a set of smaller 4 x 4 matrices to represent DNA primary sequences which are based on enumeration of all 64 triplets of nucleic acids bases. The leading eigenvalue from the constructed matrices has been selected as an invariant for construction of a vector to characterize DNA. Additional invariants considered of the derived(More)
BACKGROUND When organisms experience environmental change, how does their metabolic network reset and adapt to the new condition? Methylobacterium extorquens is a bacterium capable of growth on both multi- and single-carbon compounds. These different modes of growth utilize dramatically different central metabolic pathways with limited pathway overlap. (More)
Methylobacterium extorquens AM1 is a facultative methylotroph, which is a potential candidate to be used in commercial processes to convert simple one-carbon compounds to a variety of multicarbon chemicals and products. To better understand C(1) metabolism in M. extorquens AM1 at the systems level, metabolite profiling tools were developed and applied in(More)