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Green space plays an important role in complex urban ecosystems and provides significant ecosystem services with environmental, aesthetic, recreational and economic benefits. Beijing is the capital city of China and has a large population of about 15.81 million. Construction of green spaces is an important part of sustainable development in Beijing. To(More)
The strain field in the channel of a p-type metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor fabricated by integrating Ge pre-amorphization implantation for source/drain regions is evaluated using a finite-element method combining with large angle convergent-beam electron diffraction (LACBED). The finite-element calculation shows that there is a very large(More)
Farnesoid X receptor (FXR) is a nuclear hormone receptor involved in bile acid synthesis and homeostasis. Dysfunction of FXR is involved in cholestasis and atherosclerosis. FXR is prevalent in liver, gallbladder, and intestine, but it is not yet clear whether it modulates neurobehavior. In the current study, we tested the hypothesis that mouse FXR(More)
The 364 nm photoelectron spectrum of Si2C3 2 is reported, together with high level ab initio calculations of the linear anion, and six linear and eight nonlinear structures of the neutral Si2C3 . The adiabatic electron affinity of Si2C3 , corresponding to the transition from the linear anion to the lowest electronic state of the linear singlet neutral, is(More)
The full static picture of Li storage in Li(4)Ti(5)O(12) is derived using the latest spherical aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy and first-principles calculations. The accommodation of the additional Li(+) is directly visualized and the distribution of electrons introduced by lithium insertion deduced. Moreover, Li(4)Ti(5)O(12)(More)
After decades of efforts, the research on resistance switching (RS) behavior in transition metal oxides has shifted to the stage of verifying the proposed models by direct experimental evidences. In this paper, RS behavior and oxygen content variation of La0.85Sr0.15TiO3/SrTiO3:Nb (LSTO/STON) were investigated by in situ transmission electron microscopy(More)
The current multidisciplinary treatment for patients with high-risk neuroblastoma (NB) is the common census. However, protocols and opinions are different in different regions and institutions. We aimed to assess the protocol formulated by Chinese Children's Cancer Group study in 2009, and the impact of surgery extent was highlightly evaluated. METHODS(More)
An atomic intermixing layer, 25 nm in width, has been identified by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) analysis at the ceramic/metal interface of a hydroxyapatite (HA) coating/titanium implant prepared by an ion-beam-assisted deposition (IBAD) technique and post-heat-treatment process. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To preliminarily investigate the expression and clinical significance of leptin and adiponectin in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC). METHODS The expression of leptin and adiponectin in ESCC and normal esophageal mucosal tissue was detected by immunohistochemical staining with tissue microarray. The correlation between leptin,(More)
Multispectral image compression which are based on the one-,two- and three-dimensional wavelet transforms has been existed in many papers. Existing image compression algorithms have proved to be very efficient in compressing these kinds of images.We adopted the principal component analysis,clustering and spectral angle cosine to classify and compress in(More)