Xiaofeng Duan

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Multispectral image compression which are based on the one-,two- and three-dimensional wavelet transforms has been existed in many papers. Existing image compression algorithms have proved to be very efficient in compressing these kinds of images.We adopted the principal component analysis,clustering and spectral angle cosine to classify and compress in(More)
In this paper, simulations are conducted to investigate high speed uni-traveling-carrier photodiodes (UTC-PDs). The Gaussian doping profile, which can introduce potential gradient and electric field, is presented to be used in the absorption layer. Compared to constant doping and step-graded doping, bandwidth of UTC-PD with Gaussian doping is improved(More)
This paper traces the environmental and economic effects of a " Table field Fish pond " (TFFP) land use scheme in Lijin County in the Yellow River Delta of China with reference to the optimization of ecological-productive structures resulting from a land use / land cover change (LUCC) approach. " Table field-Fish pond " is an effective reconstructed land(More)
In this study, we employed ONIOM calculations to study functionalized single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs), for assessing an appropriate level of theory for accurate binding energies calculations, particularly by considering ozone adsorption and aryla-tion. Although ONIOM models reproduced the binding energies and geometries in relatively good agreement(More)
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