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New Algorithms for Secure Outsourcing of Large-Scale Systems of Linear Equations
With the rapid development in availability of cloud services, the techniques for securely outsourcing the prohibitively expensive computations to untrusted servers are getting more and moreExpand
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Efficient designated confirmer signature from bilinear pairings
Designated confirmer signature is an important cryptographic primitive, it is widely used in E-commerce. In this paper, we propose a new designated confirmer signature scheme which is transformedExpand
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Efficient and Verifiable Algorithm for Secure Outsourcing of Large-scale Linear Programming
Linear programming (LP) has been well studied in the scientific community for various engineering applications such as network flow problems, packet routing, portfolio optimization, and financialExpand
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Ontology-based semantic retrieval for engineering domain knowledge
The semantic retrieval of the engineering domain knowledge is critical in many engineering activities, e.g., product design and process planning. To address the problems with existing keyword-basedExpand
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Secure searchable encryption: a survey
  • Yunling Wang, J. Wang, Xiaofeng Chen
  • Computer Science
  • Journal of Communications and Information…
  • 1 December 2016
Cloud computing facilitates convenient and on-demand network access to a centralized pool of resources. Currently, many users prefer to outsource data to the cloud in order to mitigate the burden ofExpand
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Non-interactive Deniable Authentication Protocols
This paper gives a security model for non-interactive deniable authentication (NIDA) protocols. This model captures a session-state-reveal attack and a key-compromise-impersonation attack. We analyzeExpand
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FDR-ABE: Attribute-Based Encryption with Flexible and Direct Revocation
In attribute-based encryption (ABE) systems, the revocation issue is essential and difficult, since users may change their attributes frequently in practice and each attribute is conceivably sharedExpand
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A New Type of Designated Confirmer Signatures for a Group of Individuals
A new concept of society-oriented designated confirmer signatures (SDCS) is introduced in this paper. SDCS is well suited to applications where the capability of the signer and that of the confirmerExpand
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Secure distributed data geolocation scheme against location forgery attack
Abstract The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been greatly applied for improving people’s lives. Through the combination with cloud computing resources, the IoT is no longer constrainedExpand
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Efficient Fair Conditional Payments for Outsourcing Computations
The outsourcing computations in distributed environments suffer from the trust problems between the outsourcer and the workers. All existing solutions only assume the rational lazy-but-honestExpand
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