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Curcumin (CM) possesses multiple biological activities. However, poor water solubility and low bioavailability limit its application in biomedical fields. CM nanoparticles (NPs) (230-240nm) were prepared by solution-enhanced dispersion via supercritical CO2 (SEDS) (22-22.5MPa pressure, 31-32.5°C temperature) and its biological functions were evaluated in(More)
Antimicrobial peptides, produced by innate immune system of hosts in response to invading pathogens, are capable of fighting against a spectrum of bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and cancer cells. Here, a recombinant silkworm AMP Bmattacin2 from heterologous expression is studied, indicating a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity and showing(More)
Human skin temperature can vary widely depending on anatomical location and ambient temperature. It is also known that local changes in skin and subcutaneous temperature can affect fat metabolism. This study aimed to explore the potential effects of surrounding thermal environment on fat by investigating cell viability, lipid oxidation, and lipid(More)
Intrusion detection systems' adaptability and diversity have been researched for long time. With the development of computer immunology, the dynamic clonal selection algorithm is tried to solve the problem. Based on some improved dynamic clonal selection algorithms, an adaptive intrusion detection algorithm is presented in this paper. According to the(More)
Measurement matrix plays an important part in sampling data and reconstructing signal in Compressive Sensing (CS). In this paper, the common measurement matrices and the relationship between measurement number of measurement matrix and signal sparsity are researched. The performance among the common measurement matrices is compared. In order to obtain a(More)
Currently, many educators lack the understanding about virtual reality (VR) network platform, and the application of virtual reality network platform in education is not mature enough. In view of the foregoing, this article first introduces the current research situation of web3d-based VR network platform, next introduces two currently quite popular web3d(More)
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