Xiaofei Yin

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Tomography SAR is the extension of the conventional InSAR, which adds multiple baselines in the direction perpendicular to azimuth and to the line-of-sight, and forms an additional synthetic aperture in elevation direction, so it has resolving capability along this dimension [1-3]. A simple FFT based 3-D imaging method proposed by Dr. Reigber in [1] for(More)
Alcanivorax sp. strain 97CO-5 was isolated from a crude-oil-degrading consortium, enriched from Yellow Sea sediment of China. Here, we present the draft genome of strain 97CO-5, which comprises 3,251,558 bp with a G+C content of 54.54% and contains 2,962 protein-coding genes and 42 tRNAs.
Deregulation of c-MYC occurs in a variety of human cancers. Overexpression of c-MYC promotes cell growth, proliferation, apoptosis, transformation and genomic instability. MYC target 1 (MYCT1) is a direct target gene of c-MYC, and its murine homologue MT-MC1 recapitulated multiple c-Myc-related phenotypes. However, the molecular mechanism of MYCT1 remains(More)
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