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Tomography SAR is the extension of the conventional InSAR, which adds multiple baselines in the direction perpendicular to azimuth and to the line-of-sight, and forms an additional synthetic aperture in elevation direction, so it has resolving capability along this dimension [1-3]. A simple FFT based 3-D imaging method proposed by Dr. Reigber in [1] for(More)
Alcanivorax sp. strain 97CO-5 was isolated from a crude-oil-degrading consortium, enriched from Yellow Sea sediment of China. Here, we present the draft genome of strain 97CO-5, which comprises 3,251,558 bp with a G+C content of 54.54% and contains 2,962 protein-coding genes and 42 tRNAs.
Deregulation of c-MYC occurs in a variety of human cancers. Overexpression of c-MYC promotes cell growth, proliferation, apoptosis, transformation and genomic instability. MYC target 1 (MYCT1) is a direct target gene of c-MYC, and its murine homologue MT-MC1 recapitulated multiple c-Myc-related phenotypes. However, the molecular mechanism of MYCT1 remains(More)
Some probabilistic graphical models such as probabilistic program dependence graph (PPDG) have been used in fault localization. However, PPDG is insufficient to reason across nonadjacent nodes and only support making inference about local anomaly. In this paper, we propose a novel probabilistic graphical model called Bayesian Network based Program(More)
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