Xiaofei Sophia Pan

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Considering the incidence of phenylketonuria (PKU) in Japan (1/100000), the occurrence of phenylketonuria might not be high in China. However, our 7-year experience of neonatal screening in Shanghai has yielded 21 cases of phenylketonuria out of 358 767 newborns screened. The incidence of 1/17 000 is unexpectedly high and is very comparable with that in(More)
People often cooperate with members of their own group, and discriminate against members of other groups. Previous research establishes that cultural groups can form endogenously, and that these groups demonstrate in-group favouritism. Given the presence of cultural groups, the previous literature argues that cultural evolution selects for groups that(More)
We report data from laboratory experiments where participants were primed using phrases related to markets and trade. Participants then participated in trust games with anonymous strangers. The decisions of primed participants are compared to those of a control group. We find evidence that priming for market participation affects positively the beliefs(More)
The auction design literature makes clear that theoretically equivalent mechanisms can perform very differently in practice. Though of equal importance, much less is known about the empirical performance of theoretically equivalent mechanisms for belief elicitation. This is especially unfortunate given the increasing interest in eliciting beliefs from(More)
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