Xiaofei Shi

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In this paper, several different procedures for constructing confidence regions for the true evolutionary tree are evaluated both in terms of coverage and size without considering model misspecification. The regions are constructed on the basis of tests of hypothesis using six existing tests: Shimodaira Hasegawa (SH), SOWH, star form of SOWH (SSOWH),(More)
We present a new method to efficiently estimate very large numbers of p-values using empirically constructed null distributions of a test statistic. The need to evaluate a very large number of p-values is increasingly common with modern genomic data, and when interaction effects are of interest, the number of tests can easily run into billions. When the(More)
Satellite orbit error and clock bias are the keys to precise point positioning (PPP). The traditional PPP algorithm requires precise satellite products based on worldwide permanent reference stations. Such an algorithm requires considerable work and hardly achieves real-time performance. However, real-time positioning service will be the dominant mode in(More)
Multi-objective simulation optimization was performed to synergistically investigate the cost and benefits of the most commonly-used strategies for H1N1 epidemic mitigation: vaccination, antiviral treatment, and school closure. By simultaneously considering the three intervention strategies, this study leads to findings that supplement those in the existing(More)
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