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  • 2011
Certificateless signcryption (CLSC) is one of the most significant security primitives in CL-PKC, and at the same time achieves confidentiality and authentication by combining public-key encryption and digital signatures, offering better overall performance and security. There are two pairing-free CLSC schemes, which aim at reducing the computing costs by(More)
The elimination of specific environmental and industrial contaminants, which are hazardous at only part per million to part per billion concentrations, poses a significant technological challenge. Adsorptive materials designed for such processes must be engendered with an exceptionally high enthalpy of adsorption for the analyte of interest. Rather than(More)
By a Yamamoto-type of Ullmann cross-coupling reaction, a well-defined covalently-linked microporous organic-inorganic hybrid framework polyoctaphenylsilsesquioxane (JUC-Z1) was effectively prepared from the nano building block p-iodio-octaphenylsilsesquioxane (I8OPS) with a yield of ca. 100%. The structure of JUC-Z1 was characterized by (13)C CP/MAS NMR and(More)
Novel quaternary pyridinium-type porous aromatic frameworks, PAF-50, and their composites, AgCl-PAF-50, have been synthesized to effectively and efficiently inhibit the growth of bacteria. Most importantly, both PAF-50 and AgCl-PAF-50 have excellent compatibility with conventional polymers, which lead to great operation flexibility and versatility for(More)
Three isoreticular metal-organic frameworks, JUC-100, JUC-103 and JUC-106, were synthesized by connecting six-node dendritic ligands to a [Zn4O(CO2)6] cluster. JUC-103 and JUC-106 have additional methyl and ethyl groups, respectively, in the pores with respect to JUC-100. The uptake measurements of the three MOFs for CH4, C2H4, C2H6 and C3H8 were carried(More)
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