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With the development of barcode applied fields, the data capacity expressed by barcode is required to increase. Both enlarging the barcode size and enhancing the barcode density have some limits. We design a 2D color based on 2D barcode. This barcode is added color, and the encoded method for Chinese character is applied according to the usage frequency.(More)
A watermarking technique based on 2D-barcode and human visual system is proposed. A structured 2D-barcode, PDF417¿is used as watermark . In order to reduce the inserting watermark data, the 2D-barcode is preprocessed before inserted through omitting border of barcode, heading and ending characters , reducing barcode’s modules and scrambling the(More)
This paper proposes a segmentation-based global optimization method for depth estimation. Firstly, for obtaining accurate matching cost, the original local stereo matching approach based on self-adapting matching window is integrated with two matching cost optimization strategies aiming at handling both borders and occlusion regions. Secondly, we employ a(More)
A QR Code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) is a two-dimensional (2-D) matrix barcode which is the latest variety of barcode in two dimensional form (both the horizontal and vertical direction) being invented by the Japanese corporation Denso Wave and was designed to track the parts of the vehicles during their manufacturing for the automotive(More)
Synchrotron radiation real-time imaging technology was conducted to in situ observe the interfacial reaction in line-type Cu/Sn-9Zn/Ni interconnect under a current density of 2.0 &#x00D7; 10<sup>4</sup> A/cm<sup>2</sup> at 230 &#x00B0;C. The reverse polarity effect in Cu/Sn-9Zn/Ni interconnects undergoing L-S EM was verified by the continuous growth of the(More)
Saliency region extraction is a key video processing technology. From the human visual selective attention (VSA) in perspective, a new Saliency region extraction approach in MPEG compressed domain is proposed. First, visual saliency features in the MPEG compressed domain are extracted. There are 4 types of junior static features specific to brightness,(More)
This paper is to illustrate the importance and the existing problems of Educational Informatization of higher medical universities. According to the requirements of new biopsychosocial medical model and medical education, a creative teaching resources platform which is based on the information technology (IT), the internet transmission media and integrating(More)
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