Xiaofei Cheng

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Geminiviridae consists of a large group of single-stranded DNA viruses that cause tremendous losses worldwide. Frequent mixed infection and high rates of recombination and mutation allow them to adapt rapidly to new hosts and overcome hosts’ resistances. Therefore, an effective strategy able to confer plants with resistance against multiple begomoviruses is(More)
CpG repression in RNA viruses has been known for decades, but a reasonable explanation has not yet been proposed to explain this phenomenon. In this study, we calculated the CpG odds ratio of all RNA viruses that have available genome sequences and analyzed the correlation with their genome polarity, base composition, synonymous codon usage, phylogenetic(More)
Hybrid WDM–TDM PON (wavelength division multiplexing–time division multiplexing passive optical network) that applies wavelength-independent or colorless ONU (optical network unit) technologies will further reduce implementation and maintenance expenses. The “wavelength-reuse” colorless ONU technology imposes a physical constraint in the hybrid WDM–TDM PON(More)
Cotton (Gossypium spp.) is an important economic crop and there is obvious heterosis in cotton, fertility has played an important role in this heterosis. However, the genes that exhibit critical roles in anther development and fertility are not well understood. Here, we report an acyl-CoA N-acyltransferase (EC2.3; GhACNAT) that plays a key role in anther(More)