Xiaofang Zhai

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For polar/nonpolar heterostructures, Maxwell's theory dictates that the electric potential in the polar components will increase divergently with the film thickness. For LaAlO₃/SrTiO₃, a conceptually intriguing route, termed charge reconstruction, has been proposed to avert such "polar catastrophe". The existence of a polar potential in LaAlO₃ is a(More)
A remarkable exchange bias effect arising from the temperature-dependent interaction among the ferromagnetic-like cluster glasses and antiferromagnetic regions was observed in a newly developed single-phase multiferroic compound of Bi10Fe6Ti3O30 which has a nine-layer Aurivillius structure. Inhomogeneous distribution of magnetic Fe ions inside this(More)
A practical photocatalyst should be able to integrate together various functions including the extended solar conversion, a feasible and economic recyclability, and above the room temperature operation potential, et al., in order to fulfill the spreading application needs in nowadays. In this report, a multifunctional single-phase photocatalyst which(More)
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