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—Calibration of the spatial sensitivity functions of coil arrays is a crucial element in parallel magnetic resonance imaging (pMRI). The self-calibrating technique for sensitivity extraction has complemented the common calibration technique that uses a separate pre-scan. In order to improve the accuracy of sensitivity estimate from small number of(More)
Two novel G3P[4] rotavirus strains were detected from children with acute diarrhea in Sendai, Japan, identified as a G3–P[4]–I2–R2–C2–M2–A2–N2–T2–E2–H2 genotype constellation by whole-genome sequence analysis. The VP7 gene of the two strains displayed the highest nucleotide sequence identity (91 %) and showed a close genetic relationship (99 % bootstrap(More)
BACKGROUND Postpartum visits (PPVs) have been advocated as a way to improve health outcomes for mothers and their infants, but the rate of PPVs is still low in rural China. This study aims to investigate the utilization of PPVs and to explore the factors associated with PPVs in rural China. Parity is the most concerned factor in this study. METHODS A(More)
BACKGROUND China in 2009 committed to reach universal health coverage by promoting three forms of health insurance; NCMS for the rural population, UEBMI for formally employed urban residents and URBMI for other urban residents. NCMS has expanded to near universal coverage in rural China since launching in 2003. The objective of this study aimed to assess(More)