Xiaofang Lai

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Blastocystis has a widespread distribution in a variety of animals, which is a potential source of infection for humans. Previous studies show that Blastocystis sp. subtypes 1–4, 6, and 7 were composed of isolates from humans and animals, while Blastocystis sp. subtype 5 included only pig and cattle isolates. A more recent study on the basis of the SSU rDNA(More)
The ubiquitous coexistence of majority insulating 245 phases and minority superconducting (SC) phases in A(x)Fe(2-y)Se(2) (A = K, Cs, Rb, Tl/Rb, Tl/K) formed by high-temperature routes makes pure SC phases highly desirable for studying the intrinsic properties of this SC family. Here we report that there are at least two pure SC phases,(More)
The possibility of superconductivity in tetragonal FeS has attracted considerable interest because of its similarities to the FeSe superconductor. However, all efforts made to pursue superconductivity in tetragonal FeS have failed so far, and it remains controversial whether tetragonal FeS is metallic or semiconducting. Here we report the observation of(More)
Activated macrophages play an important role in many inflammatory diseases including septic shock and atherosclerosis. However, the molecular mechanisms limiting macrophage activation are not completely understood. Members of the tripartite motif (TRIM) family have recently emerged as important players in innate immunity and antivirus. Here, we(More)
Controlling and monitoring the drug delivery process is critical to its intended therapeutic function. Many nanocarrier systems for drug delivery have been successfully developed. However, biocompatibility, stability, and simultaneously tracing drugs and nanocarriers present significant limitations. Herein, we have fabricated a multifunctional nanocomposite(More)
Organophosphate esters (OPEs) are high-production-volume chemicals used as flame retardants. Some western countries (e. g. America and European Union) have imposed restrictions on OPEs in baby products due to their similar persistent-organic-pollutants (POPs) properties. So far, there is no domestic or foreign standard for OPEs flame retardants in baby(More)
Two new layered oxyselenides, Ba2MO2Ag2Se2 (M = Co, Mn), have been successfully synthesized via solid-state reaction. It is found that these two compounds, consisting of the infinite MO2 square planes and antifluorite-type Ag2Se2 layers separated by barium, possess new structural features while keeping I4/mmm symmetry. A detailed calculation on the discrete(More)
Two chromium chalcogenide Cs[Cr(en)2GeSe4] () and Cs[Cr(en)2SnSe4] () have been synthesized by a solvothermal method. Both compounds crystallize in the monoclinic space group P21/n. The structures of the two compounds are characterized by isolated [Cr(en)2MSe4](-) clusters separated by Cs(+) ions. The optical properties of the two compounds were measured(More)
Na was intercalated between [Fe2S2] layers for the first time, giving a novel compound NaFe(1.6)S2. This material adopts a CaAl2Si2-type structure with ~20% iron vacancies and represents the first layered compound in a ternary Na-M-X (M = Fe, Co, Ni; X = S, Se) system. First-principles calculations reveal that phonon dynamics is an important factor for it(More)