Xiaofan Mao

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Identifying therapeutic targets for cancer treatment relies on consistent changes within particular types or sub-types of malignancy. The ability to define either consistent changes or sub-types of malignancy is often masked by tumor heterogeneity. To elucidate therapeutic targets in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (cSCC), the most frequent skin neoplasm(More)
miRNAs are a class of endogenous small non-coding regulatory RNAs, that can mediate the transcriptional gene silencing as well as gene expression activation. miRNAs, which are found in a wide range of species, participate in cell differentiation, proliferation, development, apoptosis, tumorigenesis, metabolism, immune system, and signaling pathways. Here,(More)
Transcription termination by vaccinia virus RNA polymerase during synthesis of early mRNAs requires a virus-encoded termination factor (VTF). VTF is but one of many activities associated with the vaccinia virus mRNA capping enzyme, a heterodimer of 95- and 33-kDa subunits encoded by the D1 and D12 genes, respectively. Although the three catalytic domains(More)
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