Xiaoduo Qi

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Diffusional mass transport in porous materials is important for shape-selective catalysis and separation technologies. To maximize turnover and catalytic site accessibility, hierarchical materials are synthesized with length scales as small as single crystal lattices (∼2 nm, MFI). While these materials are potentially efficient catalysts, they have been(More)
Two foxtail millet (Setaria italica L.) varieties were subjected to different shading intensity treatments during a grain-filling stage in a field experiment in order to clarify physiological mechanisms of low-light effects on the yield. Our results showed that the grain fresh mass per panicle, yield, photosynthetic pigment contents, net photosynthetic(More)
In a field experiment Coffea arabica L. was subjected to various moisture and fertilizer regimes in Simao, Yunan, SW China. The experimental treatments consisted of eight factorial combinations of two fertilization levels (high and low) and four watering treatments applied in the dry season: application of dry rice straw mulch, drip irrigation, mulching(More)
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