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PURPOSE Notch signaling was recently found to be associated with prognosis of some cancers. The aim of the study is to investigate significance of the expression of HES1/HES5 protein, downstream effectors of Notch, in prognosis of the patients with advanced ovarian epithelial cancers. METHODS Formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded tissues and(More)
The intercalation the of 4,4'-oxybis(benzoic acid) anion (OBA(2-)) into MgAl-layered double hydroxide (LDH) was carried out in formamide, and the structural change of the nanocomposites from homogenous to staging was investigated through in situ XRD, FT-IR, TG-DSC, SEM and molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. In both formamide and water, the nanocomposites(More)
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