Xiaodong Zhang

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Although LRU replacement policy has been commonly used in the buffer cache management, it is well known for its inability to cope with access patterns with weak locality. Previous work, such as LRU-K and 2Q, attempts to enhance LRU capacity by making use of additional history information of previous block references other than only the recency information(More)
Flash Memory based Solid State Drive (SSD) has been called a "pivotal technology" that could revolutionize data storage systems. Since SSD shares a common interface with the traditional hard disk drive (HDD), both physically and logically, an effective integration of SSD into the storage hierarchy is very important. However, details of SSD hardware(More)
Existing studies on BitTorrent systems are single-torrent based, while more than 85% of all peers participate in multiple torrents according to our trace analysis. In addition, these studies are not sufficiently insightful and accurate even for single-torrent models, due to some unrealistic assumptions. Our analysis of representative Bit-Torrent traffic(More)
Cache partitioning and sharing is critical to the effective utilization of multicore processors. However, almost all existing studies have been evaluated by simulation that often has several limitations, such as excessive simulation time, absence of OS activities and proneness to simulation inaccuracy. To address these issues, we have taken an efficient(More)
MapReduce-based data warehouse systems are playing important roles of supporting big data analytics to understand quickly the dynamics of user behavior trends and their needs in typical Web service providers and social network sites (e.g., Facebook). In such a system, the data placement structure is a critical factor that can affect the warehouse(More)
Support of high performance queries on large volumes of spatial data becomes increasingly important in many application domains, including geospatial problems in numerous fields, location based services, and emerging scientific applications that are increasingly data- and compute-intensive. The emergence of massive scale spatial data is due to the(More)
We have developed a general profile for the proteins of the TetR family of repressors. The stretch that best defines the profile of this family is made up of 47 amino acid residues that correspond to the helix-turn-helix DNA binding motif and adjacent regions in the three-dimensional structures of TetR, QacR, CprB, and EthR, four family members for which(More)
Although Flash Memory based Solid State Drive (SSD) exhibits high performance and low power consumption, a critical concern is its limited lifespan along with the associated reliability issues. In this paper, we propose to build a Content-Aware Flash Translation Layer (CAFTL) to enhance the endurance of SSDs at the device level. With no need of any semantic(More)
Flash memory based solid state drives (SSDs) have shown a great potential to change storage infrastructure fundamentally through their high performance and low power. Most recent studies have mainly focused on addressing the technical limitations caused by special requirements for writes in flash memory. However, a unique merit of an SSD is its rich(More)
Peer-to-peer (P2P) technology has been successfully applied in Internet telephony or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), such as the Skype system, where P2P is used for both searching clients and relaying voice packets. Selecting one or multiple suitable peers to relay voice packets is a critical factor for the quality, scalability and cost of a VoIP(More)