Xiaodong Wang

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Using spin c structure we prove that Kähler-Einstein metrics with nonpositive scalar curvature are stable (in the direction of changes in conformal structures) as the critical points of the total scalar curvature functional. Moreover if all infinitesimal complex deformation of the complex structure are integrable, then the Kähler-Einstein metric is a local(More)
This paper introduces an exchangeable negative binomial distribution resulting from relaxing the independence of the Bernoulli sequence associated with a negative bino-mial distribution to exchangeability. It is demonstrated that the introduced distribution is a mixture of negative binomial distributions and can be characterized by infinitely many(More)
By the inverse n th power gravitation in physics, a novel classifier for data classification, called the I-n-PG classifier, is introduced. In the I-n-PG model, training samples from each class are regarded as a system of particles and an I-n-PG field is defined for each class. A test sample belongs to the class whose particle system has the maximum I-n-PG(More)
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