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[1] New Pn tomography on Tibetan Plateau (TP) and neighboring region is conducted with data assembled from various sources. The improved Pn tomographic image delineates several distinct geophysical regimes that are approximately separated by geological boundaries at surface. Dense distribution of the stations in the eastern half of the plateau allows us to(More)
12 [1] We perform ambient noise tomography of China using data from the China National Seismic Network 13 and surrounding global and regional stations. For most of the station pairs, we retrieve good Rayleigh 14 waveforms from ambient noise correlations using 18 months of continuous data at all distance ranges 15 across the entire region (over 5000 km) and(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o A classical problem in seismic tomography is the trade-off between a discontinuity location and the velocity of the medium. For that reason, crustal tomography and Pn tomography are typically done separately by isolating first-arriving Pg and Pn waves. Although this avoids the contamination of secondary arrivals because of the(More)
We analyzed 18 high-quality waveform doublets with time separations of up to 35 years in the South Sandwich Islands region, for which the seismic signals have traversed the inner core as PKP(DF). The doublets show a consistent temporal change of travel times at up to 58 stations in and near Alaska, and they show a dissimilarity of PKP(DF) coda. Using(More)