Xiaodong Shi

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To adapt a translation model trained from the data in one domain to another, previous works paid more attention to the studies of parallel corpus while ignoring the in-domain monolingual corpora which can be obtained more easily. In this paper, we propose a novel approach for translation model adaptation by utilizing in-domain monolingual topic information(More)
finding relevant information on a given topic on the Web is becoming increasingly difficult. Web search engines hence become one of the most popular solutions available on the Web. However, it has never been easy for novice users to organize and represent their information needs using simple queries. Users have to keep modifying their input queries until(More)
—Given the advance of Internet technologies, we can now easily extract hundreds or thousands of news stories of any ongoing incidents from newswires such as CNN.com, but the volume of information is too large for us to capture the blueprint. Information retrieval techniques such as Topic Detection and Tracking are able to organize news stories as events, in(More)
In this work we propose a method that retrieves a list of related queries given an initial input query. The related queries are based on the query log of previously issued queries by human users, which can be discovered using our improved association rule mining model. Users can use the suggested related queries to tune or redirect the search process. Our(More)
Since the September 11 th terror attack at New York in 2001, the frequency of terror attacks around the world has been increasing and it draws more attention of the public. On January 20 of 2006, CNN reported that al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had released a tape claiming that a series of terror attacks were planned in US. These attacks and messages from(More)
Metaphor recognition presents a computational challenge, in part due to metaphoric deviation from literal thinking, and also because of a metaphor's various linguistic expressions. This article forwards a new computational method, an integrated treatment of metaphor recognition from the computational perspective, which recent related studies have not(More)
Counterterrorism is one of the major challenges to the society. In order to flight again the terrorists, it is very important to have a through understanding of the terrorism incidents. However, it is impossible for a human to read all the information related to a terrorism incident because of the large volume of information. Summarization technique is(More)
OBJECTIVES As more families participate expanded newborn screening for metabolic disorders in China, the overall number of false positives increases. Our goal was to assess the potential impact on parental stress, perceptions of the child's health, and family relationships. METHODS Parents of 49 infants with false-positive screening results for metabolic(More)