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—Live migration of virtual machines has been a powerful tool to facilitate system maintenance, load balancing, fault tolerance, and power-saving, especially in clusters or data centers. Although pre-copy is a predominantly used approach in the state of the art, it is difficult to provide quick migration with low network overhead, due to a great amount of(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac progenitor cells (CPCs) have been proven suitable for stem cell therapy after myocardial infarction, especially c-kit(+)CPCs. CPCs marker c-kit and its ligand, the stem cell factor (SCF), are linked as c-kit/SCF axis, which is associated with the functions of proliferation and differentiation. In our previous study, we found that stromal(More)
Alzheimer's disease (AD) is characterized by early impairments in memory and progressive neurodegeneration. Disruption of synaptic plasticity processes that underlie learning and memory contribute partly to this pathophysiology. Tripchlorolide (T4 ), an extract from a traditional Chinese herbal Tripterygium wilfordii Hook F, has been shown to be(More)
Kisspeptin neurons in the rostral periventricular area of the third ventricle (RP3V) play a key role in relaying the positive feedback effects of estradiol that activate gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) neurons and drive a surge in the GnRH/luteinizing hormone (LH) level. However, the precise role of kisspeptin neurons during female reproductive(More)
• To the best of our knowledge, we are the first to exploit memory compression technique to minimize the downtime and total migration time of live migration. • By analyzing memory page characteristics, we implement an adaptive memory compression approach to tune migration performance of virtual machines. A zero-aware characteristics-based compression (CBC)(More)
Sperm-associated antigen 9 (SPAG9) is a recently characterized oncoprotein involved in the progression of several human malignancies. The present study aims to investigate the expression pattern and biological roles of SPAG9 protein in human astrocytoma. SPAG9 expression was analyzed in 105 astrocytoma specimens by immunohistochemistry. We observed negative(More)
Transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β), a key mediator of cardiac fibroblast activation, has a major influence on collagen type I production. However, the epigenetic mechanisms by which TGF-β induces collagen type I alpha 1 (COL1A1) expression are not fully understood. This study was designed to examine whether or not DNA methylation is involved in(More)
Limited by the existing design pattern, a lot of existing softwares have not yet taken full use of multicore processing power, incurring low utilization of hardware, even a bottleneck of the whole system. To address this problem, in this paper, we propose a VM-based Web system on multicore clusters. The VM-based Web system is scheduled by Linux Virtual(More)
Hypothalamic glutamate (Glu) and γ-GABA neurotransmission are involved in the ovarian hormone-induced gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH)/luteinising hormone (LH) surge in rodents. Studies have shown that reduced Glu and increased γ-GABA in the rostral preoptic area (rPOA) of the hypothalamus, where most activated GnRH neurones are located, play a key(More)