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Maximum likelihood supervised classification and post-classification change detection techniques were applied to Landsat MSS/TM images acquired in 1976, 1986, 1995, 2000, and 2005 to map land cover changes in the Small Sanjiang Plain in northeast China. A hotspots study identified land use changes in two National Nature Reserves. These were the Honghe(More)
During the past decades, land use land cover change (LUCC) has taken place around most Chinese cities at unprecedented rates. During this process, many rural lands, such as forests and wetlands, have transformed to human settlements. Taking Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, China as the case study area, this paper analyzed the long-term (from 1977 to(More)
With rapid population growth and rural to-urban migration in many Chinese cities, a large amount of natural lands have been converted to urban and agricultural lands recently. During this process of land conversion, economic development and quality of life improvement are considered as major goals, and their influences on ecological systems have often been(More)
Knowledge of the spatial extent of forested wetlands is essential to many studies including wetland functioning assessment, greenhouse gas flux estimation, and wildlife suitable habitat identification. For discriminating forested wetlands from their adjacent land cover types, researchers have resorted to image analysis techniques applied to numerous(More)
Identifying the breeding habitat of red-crowned crane (Grus japonensis) is essential for the management and conservation of this rare species. In the current study, we built a habitat suitability index (HSI) model for the breeding red-crowned crane in wetlands of the Zhalong National Nature Reserve of the Songnen Plain, China. The assessing factors to(More)
This paper introduces the identification results of a discrete-time model of a laser welding process whose input is the reciprocal of the welding speed and output is the width of the weld pool. To model this nonlinear process, a Hammerstein model is used. A series of step response experiments have been conducted to obtain the experimental data. A method has(More)
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