Xiaodong Mu

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—Quality is considered as an important issue in the fields of software engineering. However, building quality software is very expensive, in order to raise the effectiveness and efficiency of quality assurance and testing, software defect prediction is used to identify defect-prone modules in an upcoming version of a software system and help to allow the(More)
Highly efficient conversion from ultrafast optical pulses to their terahertz (THz) counterparts has been achieved with InN thin films. An average THz output power as high as 0.931 microW has been obtained for an average pump power of 1 W, corresponding to a normalized conversion efficiency of 190% mm(-2). Based on our measured dependences of the THz output(More)
An electric field present in a GaN/AlN heterostructure can bring both the first-order and second-order Raman scattering processes into strong resonances. The resonant Stokes and anti-Stokes Raman scatterings result in the increase and decrease in nonequilibrium longitudinal-optical phonon temperatures, respectively. Moreover, the phonon temperature measured(More)