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Endophytic fungi are known to play important ecological roles in protecting plants from various abiotic and biotic stresses. Therefore, it is valuable to investigate the endophytic fungal community associated with plants distributed in harsh environments, such as deserts. Fungal communities in the stems and leaves of ten plant samples belonging to eight(More)
Hippocampal place cells have the interesting property of increasing their firing rate when a freely moving animal increases its running speed through the cell's place field. A previous study from this laboratory showed that this movement-related firing property is disrupted by lesions of the perirhinal cortex (PrhC). It is possible, therefore, that PrhC(More)
We report here a method for proteomics pattern discovery by utilizing a self-organizing map approach to analyze data obtained from a novel multiplex iTRAQ proteomics method. Through the application of this technique, we were able to delineate the early molecular events preceding dorsal root ganglia neurite outgrowth induced by either nerve growth factor(More)
Bromodomain-containing protein Brd4 is shown to persistently associate with chromosomes during mitosis for transmitting epigenetic memory across cell divisions. During interphase, Brd4 also plays a key role in regulating the transcription of signal-inducible genes by recruiting positive transcription elongation factor b (P-TEFb) to promoters. How the(More)
Heterogenous network is currently under intensive discussion within 3GPP as an effective solution to improve network coverage and capacity for long term evolution (LTE)Advanced system, which consists of a mix of high-power macro base stations and a diverse set of low-power nodes, i.e., pico, femto and relay nodes. In this paper, we will particularly focus(More)
Despite being extensively characterized structurally and biochemically, the functional role of histone deacetylase 8 (HDAC8) has remained largely obscure due in part to a lack of known cellular substrates. Herein, we describe an unbiased approach using chemical tools in conjunction with sophisticated proteomics methods to identify novel non-histone nuclear(More)
A new image segmentation algorithm based on Markov random field (MRF) and ant colony system (ACS) is presented in this paper. Information positive feedback and heuristic search, the characters of ACS, were applied for the image segmentations with MRF model. The maximum a posterior (MAP) global best solution of segmentations will be got though MRF, which(More)