Xiaodong Li

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In this paper, a dual-bridge DC/DC resonant converter with a generalized series and parallel resonant tank is analyzed. A general approach based on Fundamental Harmonic Approximation is used to find the universal steady-state solutions. The analysis results for particular resonant tank configurations are exemplified with several typical resonant tank(More)
In this work, an LCL-type resonant dc/dc converter with a capacitive output filter is modeled in two stages. In the first high-frequency ac stage, all ac signals are decomposed into two orthogonal vectors in a synchronous rotating d–q frame using multi-frequency modeling. In the dc stage, all dc quantities are represented by their average values with(More)
In this work, a unidirectional full-bridge resonant converter with secondary-side phase-shifted control is addressed. With the variation of voltage gain and power level, this converter may enter into different operational modes, including three continuous current modes and one discontinuous current mode. The details in each operation mode are discussed one(More)
Diaphragmatic electromyographic (EMGdi) signal is a weak biological signal, which contains some significant physiological information of our body respiration system and is susceptible to strong electrocardiography (ECG) signal interference. Based on wavelet transform and theory of information entropy, a new wavelet energy entropy threshold algorithm to(More)
The 2012 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Security (CIS) is the ninth one focusing on all areas of two crucial fields in information processing: computational intelligence (CI) and information security (IS). In particular, the CIS Conference provides a platform to explore the potential applications of CI models, algorithms, and(More)
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