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Industrial Monitoring of Hydrocyclone Operation using Electrical Resistance Tomography
Abstract The development and application of electrical resistance tomography for on-line auditing of an industrial hydrocyclone separation is reported. The work demonstrates the retrofitting ofExpand
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Combining X-ray microtomography with computer simulation for analysis of granular and porous materials
The use of X-ray microtomographic (XMT) methods in analysing particulate systems has expanded rapidly in recent years with the availability of affordable desk-top apparatus. This review presents aExpand
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Effect of granulation scale-up on the strength of granules
Abstract Granulation is commonly used to enlarge particle size to impart desirable characteristics and functionality to the granules. In this work, the effect of operating scale of the granulator onExpand
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Does the Dietary Pattern of Shanghai Residents Change across Seasons and Area of Residence: Assessing Dietary Quality Using the Chinese Diet Balance Index (DBI)
Background: Few studies have applied the Chinese Diet Balance Index (DBI) in evaluating dietary quality across seasons. Method: The Shanghai Diet and Health Survey (SDHS) included 1680 participantsExpand
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Characterisation of granule structure and strength made in a high shear granulator
Results of a study of the influence of impeller speed on the strength, structure and morphology of granules produced in a type of high shear mixer granulators are reported. Calcium carbonateExpand
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Assessment of physical and hydrological properties of biological soil crusts using X-ray microtomography and modeling
Biological soil crusts (BSCs) are formed by aggregates of soil particles and communities of microbial organisms and are common in all drylands. The role of BSCs on infiltration remains uncertain dueExpand
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Analysing the impact of compaction of soil aggregates using X-ray microtomography and water flow simulations
Soil aggregates are structural units of soil, which create complex pore systems controlling gas and water storage and fluxes in soil. Aggregates can be destroyed during swelling and shrinking or byExpand
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An Integrated Methodology to Evaluate Permeability from Measured Microstructures
Most existing data on solids dewatering behavior are based on macroscale phenomena and are often empirically based, whereas challenges still remain for fundamental understanding at a much smallerExpand
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Estimation of thermoelectric and mechanical performances of segmented thermoelectric generators under optimal operating conditions
The conversion efficiency is the most important indicator describing the thermoelectric performance of thermoelectric (TE) devices. Under large operating temperature difference, the efficiency can beExpand
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Simulations of structures in packed columns and validation by x-ray tomography
Packing simulations of generic, nonspherical pellets were performed and compared with experimental data sets obtained using X-ray computerized tomography (CT). Two modified versions of what wasExpand
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