Xiaodan Jia

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CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 91, NO. 11, 10 DECEMBER 2006 1508 *For correspondence. (e-mail: luxinwei@snnu.edu.cn) 13. Interatomic distances are obtained from CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (ed. Weast, R. C.), CRC Press, Boca Raton, 1980, 61st edn, F-221. 14. Gillespie, R. J. and Robinson, E. A., Models of molecular geometry. Chem. Soc. Rev., 2005, 34,(More)
A GelSight sensor is a tactile sensing device comprising a clear elastomeric pad covered with a reflective membrane, coupled with optics to measure the membrane’s deformations. When the pad is pressed against an object’s surface, the membrane changes shape in accord with mechanical and geometrical properties of the object. Since soft tissue is more(More)
Recently, the chemo-photothermal synergistic therapy has become a potential method for cancer treatment. Herein, we developed a multifunctional nanomaterial for chemo-photothermal therapeutics based on silica and graphene core/shell structure (SiO2@GN) because of the ability of GN to convert light energy into heat. Serum protein was further modified onto(More)
Humans can often estimate tactile properties of objects from vision alone. For example, during online shopping, we can often infer material properties of clothing from images and judge how the material would feel against our skin. What visual information is important for tactile perception? Previous studies in material perception have focused on measuring(More)
Faceted NiO nanoparticles preferentially exposing high surface energy planes demand attention due to their excellent electrocatalytic properties. However, the activity of faceted NiO nanoparticles generally remains suboptimal due to their large lateral size and thickness, which severely limits the availability of coordinatively unsaturated active reactive(More)
Local hypoxia in tumors, as well as the short lifetime and limited action region of 1 O2 , are undesirable impediments for photodynamic therapy (PDT), leading to a greatly reduced effectiveness. To overcome these adversities, a mitochondria-targeting, H2 O2 -activatable, and O2 -evolving PDT nanoplatform is developed based on FeIII -doped two-dimensional C3(More)
The retention of intact proteins under gradient elution in hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC) was found to be governed by two variables, the steady region (SR) and the migration region (MR). In the SR, the proteins are immobilized by the strong interactions with the stationary phase such that the retention time is independent of the column length.(More)
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