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Firstly, an implementation-friendly interpolation filter algorithm is proposed in this paper. It can save 19.6% processing time on average with negligible coding quality degradation. Then based on the proposed algorithm, an optimized interpolation filter VLSI architecture, composed of the reused data path of interpolation, efficient memory organization and(More)
With the development of Ultra-High-Definition video, the power consumed by accessing reference frames in the external DRAM has become the bottleneck for the portable video encoding system design. To reduce the dynamic power of DRAM, a lossy frame memory recompression algorithm is proposed. The compression algorithm is composed of a content-aware adaptive(More)
With the resolution of video sequences increasing, the memory bandwidth and space requirement has become one bottleneck of a video coding system. Most of previous frame memory compression works merely focused on reducing the averaged bandwidth demand. In this paper, a lossless frame memory compression algorithm for motion estimation in HEVC and the(More)
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