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—In ad hoc wireless networks, to compute the transmission power of each wireless node such that the resulting network is connected and the total energy consumption is minimized is defined as a Minimum Energy Network Connectivity (MENC) problem, which is an NP-complete problem. In this paper, we consider the approximated solutions for the MENC problem in ad(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE The purpose of this work was to demonstrate the use of the nonlinear spectral imaging technique with the image-guided spectral analysis function and the extracting channels function in visualizing the extracellular maxtrix (ECM) structures and sensing fibroblasts metabolism within fresh and untreated human dermis. METHODS A Zeiss LSM(More)
This paper presents a genetic algorithm with a penalty function for the job shop scheduling problem. In the context of proposed algorithm, a clonal selection based hyper mutation and a life span extended strategy is designed. During the search process, an adaptive penalty function is designed so that the algorithm can search in both feasible and infeasible(More)
— We propose a new efficient identity-based broadcast encryption scheme without random oracles and prove that it achieves selective identity, chosen plaintext security. Our scheme is constructed based on bilinear Diffie-Hellman inversion assumption and it is a good efficient hybrid encryp-tion scheme, which achieves O(1)-size ciphertexts, public parameters(More)