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—In ad hoc wireless networks, to compute the transmission power of each wireless node such that the resulting network is connected and the total energy consumption is minimized is defined as a Minimum Energy Network Connectivity (MENC) problem, which is an NP-complete problem. In this paper, we consider the approximated solutions for the MENC problem in ad(More)
This paper presents a genetic algorithm with a penalty function for the job shop scheduling problem. In the context of proposed algorithm, a clonal selection based hyper mutation and a life span extended strategy is designed. During the search process, an adaptive penalty function is designed so that the algorithm can search in both feasible and infeasible(More)
In consideration of feasibility, searchable encryption schemes in multi-user setting have to handle the problem of dynamical user injection and revocation, especially to make sure that user revocation will not cause security issues, such as secret key leakage. Recently, fine-grained access control using trusted third party is proposed to resolve this issue,(More)