Xiaochuan Shi

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During the last decade, we have witnessed the prosperity of the Internet-based social platforms and mobile social applications such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Meanwhile, due to the popularity of mobile terminals such as smart phones and variety of PADs, it is feasible to obtain relatively accurate tempo-spatial data from mobile terminal holders when they(More)
New information technology constantly improves the efficiency of social networks. Using optimization and decision models in the context of large data sets attracts extensive attention. This paper investigates a novel mathematical model for designing and optimizing environmental economic policies in a protection zone. The proposed model is referred to as the(More)
Social media develop rapidly with a growing number of large-scale data generated. With big data, the demand for premiere content requires professional assessing and ranking system. Wechat, as the most popular social media platform, has become ubiquitous and important in China. Wechat public accounts ranking help business parts, government organs and users(More)
This paper proposes a distributed channel assignment algorithm CLBCA (Channel Load Based Channel Assignment) and a hybrid routing protocol TOIRP for multi-channel wireless mesh networks. A new routing metric CETTI is proposed for its advantage of quantifying the interference of communication by distinguishing interference into inter-flow interference and(More)
In this paper, we propose a parallel ant colony optimization based metaheuristic for solving the maximum-weight clique problem, which is a variation of the maximum clique problem. The advised parallel computing model is based on concept of cooperation among multiple ant colonies system. The cooperation system consists of a message center and a number of ant(More)
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