Xiaochen Lai

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The technology of sensor, pervasive computing, and intelligent information processing is widely used in Body Sensor Networks (BSNs), which are a branch of wireless sensor networks (WSNs). BSNs are playing an increasingly important role in the fields of medical treatment, social welfare and sports, and are changing the way humans use computers. Existing(More)
Fatal security vulnerabilities are caused by undefined behaviors of C/C++ language used in Safety-Critical software design. Software static analysis is an important technique for identifying security vulnerabilities from software code and structure. The method of static analysis based on XML intermediate model is proposed in term of safety rules. The source(More)
The nodes in Ad Hoc networks compete for channels when communicating, with the features of no center and self-organization. In traditional channel assignment strategy of MAC layer, nodes do not consider the demands to channel resources of other nodes, which hinders improving the network performance. Practically, in the network based on competitive MAC(More)
This paper analyses the features of embedded system programming curriculum and the practical significance of adopting research-teaching method, elaborates every link of the curriculum development, including classroom teaching, project-driven experimental teaching, and discusses the effect of implement of the research-teaching method at the end.
To reduce the redundant information in software static analysis and improve the accuracy and efficiency of the information extraction, this paper proposed a syntax trees model based on relational storage mode. Modeling on dependency relationship between terminals will effectively reduce the information redundancy and can be stored in XML (eXtensible Markup(More)
We propose a new complexity class to characterize the efficiently parallelizable parameterized problems called fixed-parameter parallel-tractable (FPPT). Although FPPT = FPP and they can be transformed one another, FPPT is much simpler and reasonable than FPP. The viewpoint of FPPT allows us to concentrate on important intrinsic issues, such as to(More)
In sports training, the optical motion capture is limited by complex data processing equipment, space constraints and other issues. This paper presents a design of motion capture system based on MEMS. The system includes the target module and PC module. The former is used to collect human motion information with MEMS sensors, and uploads data to the host(More)